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We service Gaithersburg, Germantown, Boyds, Clarksburg, Rockville, North Potomac, Potomac, Bethesda and surrounding neighborhoods.

Front view of wooded area.

 Brush needed to be cleared out and piles of dirt and debris needed to be moved.

Front area cleared and graded.

Julio Working the back area.

The front was graded - sloping gently downward from the existing lawn so that lawn maintenance equipment would have easy access. The back was strewn with large stones and there was a pile of dirt and stone in the rear that needed to be cleaned up.

Viewed from from the middle looking left. You can see the piles of dirt towards the front separating the existing lawn. You see in the foreground of the picture some of the rocks strewn about. Most of the larges rocks are buried and were removed during grading.

View of dirt , roots, and rock pile.

View from back right of finish.

On the right side of the property we found the remains of an old concrete foundation. It was the source of the rubble we continued to find through out the area. We were able to break it up with the backhoe and dispose of the larger pieces and backfilled with dirt. During the coarse of grading we used the backhoe to remove a number of old stumps and unwanted younger trees and roots.

Before and after views looking from the front to the right back. These show the slope of the grade that delivers run-off to the creek in the back of the property.

This job was contracted to be started on Wednesday and be finished by Friday. The owner was extremely pleased to find us there on Thursday morning before he left for work asking him to do a final walk through and payment of his balance. He commented on how refreshing it was to find a contractor who delivered on their promises and that exceeded his expectations.