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  • Tree Removal and Pruning


    The proper time to prune your tree is when it is not actively growing and only once a year if you are removing large quantities of limbs. The best time is usually in the Fall. First remove all dead and diseased branches cutting down to the trunk or main branch. Diseased limbs need to be cut 10-12 inches from the infected area. Next remove rubbing and crossing branches down to the trunk or main branch. Remember to work from the bottom up and the trunk out.
    If you need to open up the tree to allow sun to reach the lawn: First raise the ceiling by removing drooping branches, or that hang down, leaving a minimum height of 7 feet from the ground. Next look for any branches that have a narrow crotch angle and target those for removal next. Narrow crotch angles are not very strong and will be one of the first to break in a storm.

    Topping trees is not recommended. To Shorten a tree remove the upper part of the trunk - take it down to a main branch trying to leave a 45 degree angled cut on the trunk. Try not to cut into the collar of the branch when removing any Limb so that the tree can close over the exposed area and protect itself from rot, insects, and disease.

    Tree Removal:

    Removing trees can be dangerous and should not be attempted with out safety gear and experience.

    Fallen trees and large limbs are the easiest to remove as all the work is done on the ground. When storms move through the area trees come down and we are ready to cut them up and take them away. If you are concerned with a particular tree and feel it needs to come down we can help. We have the training and the safety equipment as well as the insurance coverage to provide you with the service you require. (For trees that contain phone and power lines please call the appropriate utilities company).

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