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    Decks are the past. Patios are the backyard structures for the 21st Century. Their many styles, forms, uses, and materials open up new horizons for outdoor living. One of the most exciting materials developed for patio design and construction are concrete pavers and blocks. Pavers have been around for many years - in use extensively through out Europe. It wasn't until new developments in color retention that pavers began to catch on in the United States. Now a number of companies here are offering systems and pavers to create masterpieces of design and utility.

    Building a patio with pavers is a straight forward process that Seneca Gardens understands and has experience in.

    Composition Patio Photos in different states of completion
    Here is one of the patios with fire pit we designed and a photo journal of its creation.


    Having a beautiful winding path from your drive to your front door is the perfect greeting for guests. It can enhance your lawn through its texture and color of material. It can separate and border planting beds. It can be wide or narrow, long or short, contain steps or slope gradually. It can provide sure footing from the front of the house around to the back.

    There are a number of materials for building walkways and paths to help you decide on the right one for you please call 301 980-9005 for an Estimate.

    Retaining walls:

    Many situations call for holding up or back earth. With either Landscape Ties or the new Concrete Retaining blocks you can create walls to hold raised bed. You can cut into hills for added level ground or to be a back stop for an outdoor grill. Or in conjunction with a patio and walkways you can have a masterpiece of hardscape design and function.

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