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"Beautifying our neighborhoods one lawn at a time!"

    Lawn Mowing

  • Our lawn mowing company has two mowing service plans:

    Weekly Mowing or As Needed Mowing
    We also Provide One-Time Mowing On a limited basis

    Which plan to choose?

    Weekly Mowing allows us to maintain your lawn's looks and health. By cutting more often we remove less of the blade of grass allowing us to leave the small clippings in the lawn. This is beneficial to your lawn. The blade is made up of 80% water and the rest is organic matter and nutrients that are easily broken down.

    When you are on a weekly mowing plan the cost per cut is less than on an as needed basis. Also if adverse weather prohibits mowing on any given day those customers on weekly mowing plans are serviced first on the next serviceable day before as needed mowing.

    As Needed Mowing cycles between 7-14 days. We normally average about every 10 days. Because we are not mowing as frequently the grass tends to grow about 1 1/2 - 2 inches before it is cut. The lawn has the potential for showing some stress from removing that amount of blade at one time.

    If the grass is really long we will have to bag it which costs you a fee - this is were the extra cost is incurred. Bagging is necessary because the longer clippings will not decompose as readily and can cause unsightly clumping in the lawn. These clumps can block sunlight, water, and air from the lawn - and provide a breeding ground for insects and disease.

    *Example Cost Comparison:

    Weekly Mowing 3000 sq.ft
    week 1 $25.00
    week 2 $25.00
    week 3 $25.00
    week 4 $25.00

    Total month $100.00

    As Needed Mowing 5000 sq.ft.

    week 1 $30.00
    10 days later $32.00 Bagged
    12 days later $35.00 Bagged

    Total Month $97.00

    *Price not indicative of your actual cost.

    Our Equipment:

    Our Primary mowers are 36" walk behinds. We Use them on most of our lawns as they provide the best width cut with the least lawn damage from their tires. They are also small enough to be easily maneuvered and fit into most areas of a lawn. For the smaller lawns and tight places we use a 21" mulching mower. On large open lawns we use a 62" zero turn and a 54" zero turn mowers backed up by the two 48" mowers.

    All our mower blades are sharpened and an extra set of sharp blades are in reserve at all times.

    We use Echo and Stihl Trimmers and Edgers to tiddy up the grass and edges on every mowing. All clippings are blown off the drive, walks, and road with Echo PB 403 Blowers rated below legal decibel ranges (quietest blowers we could get).

We Service:

Gaithersburg, Germantown, Boyds, Clarksburg, Rockville, North Potomac, Potomac, Bethesda, Chevy Chase and surrounding neighborhoods.
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