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    Why Core Aeration?

  • Core aeration is the preferred method of relieving compaction and allowing air to enter the soil and help break up the thatch layer. Illustration of Core removed from lawn and indications of wate,r air and nutrients entering hole. By removing cores of earth the surrounding root system is allowed to grow outwards into looser soil. The thatch layer is penetrated allowing water to enter deeper into the earth feeding roots and carrying organic materials to the microbes. The air that is available to microbes helps them breed and convert organic materials into nutrients for the surrounding plants.

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  • Why Do Golf Courses Aerate Twice A Year?

  • Golf course greens and approaches receive a heavy amount of traffic in the same location throughout the year. The greens normally follow USGA standards and are made up of sand that compacts very easily. Also being sand they require constant additions of organic materials in the form of topdressing that is added to the cores after aeration.

    Your lawn does not see the amount of traffic that a golf course green does. One aeration a year is sufficient to relieve compaction and promote a healthy lawn.

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  • Why OverSeed With Aeration?

  • The best time to aerate is also the best time to seed. Fall is when the conditions are right for grass to germinate. And fall is the best time to aerate because it is when grass spends its energy growing roots and rhizomes after the blades go dormant for winter. Aeration opens up the way for the roots to move around and grow and active microbes generate heat energy. And the best way to promote grass germination is through soil contact. And all those holes and plugs about the yard provides plenty of exposed soil for seeds to contact.

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  • What Is OverSeeding?

  • Over-Seeding is broadcasting about a pound of seed per thousand square feet onto an already established lawn. Golf courses over-seed in the Spring and Fall. You need only overseed in the Fall to replace any grasses that have died over the year. Nature does its own overseeding at the end of summer when the grasses drop their seed. However your lawn is cut regularly so that the grasses do not go to seed. You must perform this renewal for your lawn or it will slowly depopulate.

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  • How Much Seed Do You Need?

  • Regular overseeding only requires 1 pound per 1000 sq. ft. and lawn establishment needs between 5 - 10 pounds per 1000 sq. ft.

    Lawn renovations require about 3 - 7 pounds per 1000 sq. ft. and is applied heaviest in those areas that need more seed and lighter in those areas that are dense enough.

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  • What Is The Price For Aeration And Seed?

  • We charge *2 cents per square foot for aeration. And $3 per pound for seed applied during aeration. If seed is to be applied other then during aeration it costs $5 per thousand sq. ft. plus $4 a pound.

    Example Pricing for Aeration, Seed and Fertilizer

Sq. Ft. Core Seed Fert Toptal
5000 $100 $15 $20 $135
6000 $120 $18 $24 $162
7000 $140 $21 $28 $189
8000 $160 $24 $32 $216
9000 $180 $27 $36 $243
10000 $200 $30 $40 $270
11000 $220 $33 $44 $297
12000 $240 $36 $48 $324
13000 $260 $39 $52 $351
14000 $280 $42 $56 $378
15000 $300 $45 $60 $405
16000 $320 $48 $64 $432
17000 $340 $51 $68 $459
18000 $360 $54 $72 $486
19000 $380 $57 $76 $513
20000 $400 $60 $80 $540
21000 $420 $63 $84 $567
22000 $440 $66 $88 $594
23000 $460 $69 $92 $621
24000 $480 $72 $96 $648
25000 $500 $75 $100 $675
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